Please complete the AUDITION REQUEST FORM for the show for which you are interested in auditioning. This will save you having to fill out the form at the theatre and ensure that you are fully booked in for your audition. The Producer will get back to you to arrange for an audition time or further information. Break a Leg!

Audition Schedule 2014-2015 Season

More details for each audition will be posted here as the audition date approaches.

Driving Miss Daisy Auditions were held in August 2014.
The Miracle Worker Auditions were held in September 2014.
Toonful Christmas / Charlie Brown Auditions were held in September 2014.
Harvey Auditions were held in November 2014.
Urinetown: The Musical Auditions were held in December, 2014
Murder on the Nile Auditions will be on March 7, 2015. Details are below.
Measure for Measure Auditions will be in May, 2015. Details will be posted around March, 2015.

Auditions - Murder on the Nile

Longmont Theater Company announces open auditions for Murder on the Nile, directed by Dan Schock
Where Location to be determined.
When Saturday, March 7, 2015, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, by appointment only. Callbacks are on Sunday, March 8, 2015. You only attend callbacks if you are, in fact, called back.

Auditions are by appointment only. Please complete the audition request form before the auditions to obtain an appointment.

What Auditions are for all parts. See roles below. Cold readings from the script.

Bring resume, headshot, and a list of all conflicts for evenings and weekends between March 9, 2015, and May 17, 2015

Rehearsals, Performances, and other expectations

Rehearsals will generally be Monday through Thursday, 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m., beginning March 9, 2015.

Cast members will also be expected to help with set construction some weekends during the rehearsal period, and with strike the day after the show.

Performance Dates are on the show page.

Non-paying, no fee, non equity.

Help Contact the producer, Sue Peterson for assistance.
  • Kay Ridgeway-Mostyn - Female, mid to late 20ís. Young and spoiled.
  • Simon Mostyn - Male, late 20ís to 30ís. Humble man caught in the middle.
  • Canon Pennefather - Male, late 30ís to 50ís. Clergyman who becomes the sleuth of the show.
  • Jaqueline De Serverac - Female, mid to late 20ís. Jealous ex-fiance whoís actions drive the plot.
  • William Smith (Lord Dawlish) - Male, 30ís to 40ís. The wealthy man trying to pass as otherwise.
  • Christina Grant - Female, 20ís or 30ís. The girl who wants to be independent and be taken seriously.
  • Helen ffoliot-ffoulkes - Female 50ís to 60ís. Snobbish, rude and know it all old woman.
  • Dr. Bessener - Male, late 40ís to early 60ís. European doctor who has hate on his mind.
  • Louise - Female, 20ís or 30ís. French maid to Kay.
  • Captain - Male, 30ís or 40ís. Usually drunk and by usually, I mean always.
  • Steward - Male, 20ís or 30ís. Heís a steward, but is there more to him?
  • Policeman - Male. 20ís or 30ís. Egyptian police officer. A Middle Eastern complexion would be nice, but not necessary.
  • Bead Sellers - Male or Female, any age. Need two of them. Again looks would be nice, but not necessary. These are small parts that might be fun to try and work in ďspecial appearancesĒ from well known, local Longmont people (either from the theater or not). If we did this "cameo" idea, would you have folks in mind that we could approach about doing it or would I need to come up with folks?