Part of Longmont Theatre's mission is to provide educational opportunities, to encourage the love of theater, and help our community grow.

Theater is more than just acting. It is also set construction, scenic design, lighting and sound design and operation, stage management, producing, and directing -- and much more. Below are a few offerings we have in some of these areas. The classes are free and open to the public. All we ask in return is that you consider applying your new-found talents to our upcoming shows.

While the classes are free, we do ask that you register, so we can prepare materials and ensure there is room.

To register for a session, please send an e-mail to Jim Porter. Some classes do have a limited enrollment. In the e-mail, please include your name, e-mail, phone, age, and the class in which you are interested.

ClassDescriptionDetails on next session
Producer What does it take to produce a show for the Longmont Theatre Company? Learn the ropes. Graduates can start as an assitant producer in the season following the class. Stellar students can be full producers immediately. June 8, 2013, 1:00 pm
Longmont Theater (513 Main Street, Longmont)
Main auditiorium

Instructors: Tracy Cravens, Judy Ernst, Debi Stevenson

Director How do directors do that? How do they get their vision across to the actors, and craft a show worth seeing?

Stephany Roscoe will host a Director's Roundtable. This is primarily aimed at directors wishing to hone their craft, share tips and suggestions, and hear from others.

On-going. Watch our facebook page for details.
Barbed Wire Book Store (across the street from the theater) Host: Stephany Roscoe
Stage manager It's been said that the Director is God to the actors. Once the show opens, the Stage Manager takes over that position. Learn how to manage a show -- and learn that the job starts on the day of auditions. Graduates can apprentice as assistant managers for complex shows in the season after the class, and may even manage outright for simpler shows. After apprenticeship or managing a simpler show, graduates will be qualified to manage complex shows. TBD - Probably late September, 2014.
Longmont Theater (513 Main Street, Longmont) Board room (upstairs to the left) Instructors: TBD
Lighting operator With our computerized lighting boards, the basic operation is usually pretty easy. But you need to know what to do when things go "off-book", because - hey - this is live theater. Anything could happen. This class will cover the extra details you need to manage ALL the functions of the board. Graduates are eligible to run shows in the upcoming season after the class. August 25, 2012, from 4:00 to 5:00 pm
Longmont Theater (513 Main Street, Longmont) Lighting control room (upstairs to the right) Instructors: Brian Curtiss
Lighting designer Lighting design is part art, part engineering, part physics, and part monkey. This class is taught as an apprenticeship to one of Longmont Theater's best lighting designers. You'll learn about instruments (static and robotic), color schemes, designing for the mood, and more. 2012 - 2013 Season (August 2012 through May 13). Exact dates to be determined.
Longmont Theater (513 Main Street, Longmont) Instructors: Brian Curtiss
Set construction practical Through a very hands-on experience, you'll learn techniques and tricks of set construction. You may have heard a set only needs to look good from 30 feet away, and last for six weeks. But that does NOT mean we are careless or sloppy. Learn about design considerations, construction techniques, creative use of cardboard, and more. 2012 - 2013 Season (August 2012 through May 13). Saturdays and Sundays, starting about 10:00 am each day, and starting about four weeks before opening weekend for each show. Check our show schedule and work backwards.
Longmont Theater (513 Main Street, Longmont) Instructors: Varies. NO REGISTRATION NEEDED. Just show up, find the person in charge, and introduce yourelf. Bring a power drill if you have it, and other tools if you wish.