August 8, 2008

LTC tickets on sale through the web

You can now buy tickets for LTC performances through the web, any time of the day or night. No longer are you constrained by box office hours, and no longer do you need to wait for a call back to get your tickets.

The Longmont Theatre Company has contracted with Vendini ticketing services to handle all our ticket sales. Through their service, you can pick the show, pick your seats, and pay for them using a major credit card, using their secure web site.

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TARA 2014 Awards

On June 28, 2014, Longmont Theatre held its Theatrical Arts Recognition Awards ceremony, known as the TARAs. The crowd was dressed in its finest red-carpet attire, and the cheers for the results were deafening.
  • Technical / Director
    • Set Design - Stephen Carver, Debbie and Mike Zarich - Dial M for Murder
    • Set Decoration - Debbie Zarich - Dial M for Murder
    • Lighting Design - Charlie Wright - Dial M for Murder
    • Sound - Andrew Stone - Dial M for Murder
    • Costumes - Judy Ernst - Sweeney Todd
    • Hair / Makeup - Kayliah Wood and Chaundrea Nelms - Annie Jr
    • Properties - Peg Bolan - Fox on the Fairway
    • Stage Manager - Robyn Marcotte - Dial M for Murder
    • Choreographer - Dana Plunkett - Sweeney Todd
    • Music Director - Tanya Daugherty - Sweeney Todd
    • Director - Jim Kimbrough - Sweeney Todd
    • Producer - Debi Stevenson - Sweeney Todd
  • Performance
    • Musical, Minor Role - Entire Chorus - Sweeney Todd
    • Actor, Supporting - Dennis King - Dial M for Murder
    • Actress, Supporting - Hope Weiss - Fox on the Fairway
    • Actor, Musical, Supporting - Robert Boubon - Sweeney Todd
    • Actress, Musical, Supporting - Taralyn Shepard - Sweeney Toidd
    • Actor, Lead - Rob Mess - Dial M for Murder
    • Actress, Lead - Brandy McGreer - Fox on the Fairway
    • Actor, Musical, Lead - Mike Romero - Sweeney Todd
    • Actress, Musical, Lead - Melissa Fike - Sweeney Todd
  • Best overall production - Sweeney Todd, directed by Jim Kimbrough, produced by Debi Stevenson

Longmont Theater is in need of donations toward the following specific items:

  • Improved house lighting. The lighting in the auditorium is pretty dark. We are adding new fixtures and upgrading the existing ones, so we can all more easily find our seats before the curtain goes up!
  • Improved electrical support for our theater lighting.
  • Replacement computers, for use in our ticketing service and general office. We are moving toward supporting an on-line ticketing service, so you can purchase your tickets anytime, day or night. We need to upgrade some of our computers to help with this.
  • Networking equipment and support, to allow high-speed internet access to all its computers.
  • An additional building, for rehearsal space, set construction, warehousing, black-box theater, etc.

If you want to make a donation toward any of these items, or just make a donation in general, visit our donations page. You can make your donation on-line, or you can send in your check.