All tickets for all shows are available on-line. There is a small per-ticket charge for ordering tickets on-line, but you may order tickets anytime, day or night.

Ordering tickets on-line via Vendini

Start the sale. Click on the "Buy..." button to the left. This brings up a pop-up window, that is secure for all credit-card transactions.

Find the show you want. Click on "Order" next to the show. The show you are looking for may be on a later page. Click More at the bottom to move back and forth on the list

Find the date you want. Click on "Order" next to the date.

Find the seats you want. Indicate how many seats, and in what section. You can also indicate you prefer an aisle seat. Also provide the delivery method. If you don't like the selected seats, click on "Find me different seats" until it finds seats you like. When you're happy with the seats, click "Next".

Tell us about yourself. Please provide your name, address, phone, and credit card information. This is only used for billing, and to contact you with news of future events if you wish. Click "Next" to confirm the purchase.

The transaction is safe. Rest assured that any data entered into the ticketing panel is secure and protected. You can see the lock at the bottom of the pop-up window, showing the window is safe.

Bring your tickets with you to the show. If you have trouble printing your tickets, please know that we will have a record of your transaction. Just bring your ID with you.